About Us

EPOS Technologies is a developer, and seller of POS solutions. Our mission is to change the future of POS by offering cutting-edge products, produced in total quality control by our expert team. With passion for technological innovation and customer satisfaction we have won the hearts of numerous customers around the world.

EPOS Technologies was formed in 2010 to continue worldwide growth. The company offers a diverse range of products from industry-leading manufacturers.

The system is scalable and grows with your business.

Challenges of Hospitality & Retail industry

Finding & Keeping Valued Customers

The growth in the industry and increased competition could be a contributing factor to your hospitality business’ ability to attract and retain customers. Nearly half of owners, managers and staff surveyed said they experience this challenge.

Customer Satisfaction Improvement

Waiting time is what annoys customers the most. For this reason, scanning each product and taking payment transactions now require few seconds by our EPOS systems. Make the buying process faster and to limit the queues will improve your customer satisfaction to the highest level.


Produce Going to Waste

There are a lot of reasons your restaurant or café might be throwing out food. Besides the run-of-the-mill reasons, planning can play a big part in preventing massive food waste. Even the smallest mistake in taking a customer order however can throw off the entire food.

The Costs of Operating

One of the most common factors hindering businesses according to restaurateurs, café and bar owners is the cost of operating. Whether it is hiring staff or other running costs. Finding the best staff is a problem for all businesses, but it can be particularly challenging for hospitality businesses.