It requires one License code to activate the software for one CPU Central processing unit. (Computer/PC/Laptop/ Tablet). The license is non transferable to any other CPU Central processing unit. (Computer/PC/Laptop/ Tablet) once installed.

There are neither costly license renewal issues nor charges for future upgrades

If you are a POS Dealer or Reseller the same applies. You are free to distribute EPOS Technologies Software without any need to seek our permission in any way once you have paid for each license.

EPOS Technologies’ POS Software has been developed to be non-country specific.

Things like Currency, Number and Date formats are have to be manually changed  from the software settings.

If you are in the UK – you will see £
If you are in the USA – you will see $
If you are in Europe – you will see €
…and so on.

Taxes also vary from country to country and once again these can be set up to suit.

You just need a computer and no need Internet connection. Other hardware, like a receipt printer, barcode scanner and cash drawer, are optional and can be added later on.

Any business can benefit from EPOS Technologies POS Software: single or multi-branch specialty stores, boutiques and chain stores, bookstores, jewelry stores, camera stores, gift shops, clothing stores, hair salons, pet stores, baby boutiques, wholesalers, home businesses, duty-free shops, and many more