High Street Shops & Shopping centers

Stay ahead of your competition with all in one retail software solution

Whether you manage a Fashion & Clothing’s Stores, Toy Stores, Entertainment Shops, Shoe Stores, Flower Shop or Sportswear Stores, Our EPOS solutions can handle the high pace of retail. Address customer needs across the channels, streamline processes and inventory management, and control costs throughout the entire supply chain with our EPOS Solution.

Easy to use

  • Simple for staff to learn and operate.
  • Reduce speed of service and increase sales during busy.
  • Reduce queues and provide higher satisfaction

Single or Multi-site Management

  • See live sales & reports.
  • Make changes to settings, menus, products prices live.
  • Schedule changes for future dates on either indiviual sites, group of sites.

Flexible & Customisable

  • Flexible for a varied and changing menu.
  • Packed with a variety of features.
  • Additional features available for your bespoke requirements.

Maximise sales with promotions

  • Mix & Match Offers
  • Set Menus
  • Happy Hours

Link to Scales

  • Integrate a scale to the EPoS system for weighted items such as fruit and vegetables.
  • UK approved scales integration.

Shelf Edge Labels

  • Change your prices and print shelf labels and barcodes directly from handheld device.
  • Change your prices and print shelf labels and barcodes directly from handheld device.


  • Get real-time insights into your sales.
  • Analyse historical sales data.
  • Get real-time insights as to what is selling and what is not.
  • Enabling you to act quickly and effectively when required.

Integrated Card Payment

  • Optional card payment integration to ensure the accurate payment.
  • No re-keying – take any payment instantly.

Cut your checkout lines

  • Increase employee efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction with our quick and flexible POS system.

Streamline your business with EPOS Technologies reliable and fast epos systems.